Library :

Library Incharge: Smt. Beena Tiwari
One great philosopher has rightly said “Knowledge is the key to success”. Nothing can be better than books as a source of knowledge. It has been an established fact that any kind of education is empty in itself without the availability of books. To fulfill such a need in higher education structure what better than the library with a vast collection of the books and other related literature can serve the purpose.
Library has a sufficient collection of books covering the entire spectrum of course. Enriching the library is an on going process which requires financial assistance that is provided by state government annually. Books and other printed material can be obtained from library under different schemes for a definite period.
Vast range of books is also available for Diploma course concerning the computer hardware and software course.
General Library Rules :
  1. Library will remain open on each working day from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  2. Students will be issued two books at a time.
  3. The timing for the return and issuing of the books for the students is from 10AM to 2PM.
  4. For obtaining the books from the library every student will have to necessarily present his/her Identity Card.
  5. Issuing of the book depends upon its availability in the library.
  6. Generally books are issued for one month. On expiry of one month period, students may change the books.
  7. Students will have to return all the books of the library before the commencement of the examination and they will be issued no dues certificate to this effect. No dues certificate will not be issued without returning the books. From this session, cost of the books will not be realized at the time of issuing no dues certificate.
  8. For issuance of the books from the library, the students will themselves have to be present. Books will not be issued without identity card.
  9.  Time table will be framed for issuing books for students of each class. Students will have to get the books issued by being present on date and time fixed. The time table for this purpose will be pasted on the notice board.
  10. The students are self responsible for the proper maintenance of the book
  11. The students will be debarred from the examination if books are not properly maintained or not returned before the stipulated time. For the purpose fulfillment of above mentioned conditioned tranquil atmosphere is expected in the library.
Reading Room
Separate arrangements of reading room exist in the college for boys and girls. Newspapers and magazines in Hindi and English are subscribed in the reading room. Students are expected to make use of the reading room facility in their spare time.

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