Title of the Practice: Social Sensitization of the students through social welfare approach.

Objectives of the Practice To create the spirit of social service in our students so that they can learn to recognize it as a part of their education.

  • To create sense of social responsibility and patriotism.
  • To create awareness through various campaigns about ill-effects of drugs and tobacco products and other fall practices in our society
  • To create awareness about social welfare and practices for their social up liftment.
  • To create the sense of brotherhood and donate things voluntarily for the welfare of the society.
  • To bring transformational change by adopting villages in the neighborhood to achieve the objectives of ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan’.

The Context: In consonance with the Vision and Mission, the college serves the country and diverse community at grassroots level through various programs and activities. The college is surrounded by rural and agriculture farming background in and around. Most of the area belongs to farmers. As this regard there is too much scope in the area of higher education and health care. The college provides a platform to the community with modern facilities. It organizes various awareness campaigns and donation drives with the human resource available. It aims to expand and elevate the knowledge through practice and outreach activities. The institution carries a quality social activities to benefit the local population, specifically during challenging circumstance like the COVID-19 pandemic where faculties, students and volunteers of NSS were actively engaged in ameliorating conditions of local people.

The Practice: To inculcate social sensitivity amongst the students and to inspire them for higher education, the institution follows the following practices:

Vastra Daan campaign

Awareness program

Campaign against drug abuse

Cleanliness Drive

Blood donation camp

Mera Mask Mera Abhimaan Drive -

Evidence of success: Various practices adopted by this institution have been successful in achieving its vision and mission. The institute has been able to sensitized its volunteers and other students about the need and nature of the social work and also in reaching out to the villagers in the vicinity. It was also found that they have become more careful about their cleanliness, health, and education. Organization of blood donation camps has helped in creating a sense of responsibility towards humanity. During COVID-19, the students and faculty of the institution helped in removing the misconceptions about anti-vaccination.

Problems encountered and resources required: The major problem encountered in expanding the vista of such activities is the semi-literate ignorant mind-set and false notions about different campaigns run by the institution. The institution faced difficulty in convincing the benefits of above mentioned activities. Dedicated efforts needed for social awareness outreach programs.

Best practice-2

Green and Eco friendly campus


To promote awareness of environmental issues among the students, staff and society.

To make them aware about the conservation of resources.

To plant rare and medicinal/herbal plants on the college campus.

To encourage staff members and students to use bicycle and e vehicle to maintain environment pollution free.

To build a campus that is plastic free and with the motto of sustainable development emphasizing on reusing the bio degradable waste.

The context: In the present scenario there is a great need of environment conservation. Bad practices of human being deployed every component of the environment. So in this regard it is very essential to create awareness and encourage students to keep insight on this serious issue. This practice is also very important to create such an environment which can boost the learning environment too.

The practice:

The College has been consistently working towards creating and maintaining an eco-friendly and clean campus. A mandatory course on environmental awareness at the B.A/B.Sc./B.Com level is taught. Green and eco friendly practices are as follow-

Plantation: Cutting trees on campus is strictly prohibited. We plant trees in every important day and commemorative days. We also encourage our guest of honor to present them plants as mementos. NSS/Rovers and Rangers Units continuously organizing green and clean drives in college campus. ECO Club has been also formed in our institute to keep up the things and to maintain green environment in the campus.

Plastic free campus: students and staff members encouraged to dilimt the use of plastic . In annual and other functions glass and steel crockery is used.

Use of LED Bulbs and energy efficient equipments: energy-saving LED lights and fans which are energy efficient been used in college campus.

Waste management system: Institution maintained a bio degradable compost management pit to create compost. After that it is used as manure for the plants. Solid waste is collected by the garbage van and disposed by them. E-waste material like old unusable equipments collected in a e-waste container and then sold to the vendor. Waste water is managed by making underground soakage and also having significant role in ground water recharge.

Transportation: The college encourages the employees and students to frequently use public transport, bicycles, etc. to limit the emissions. Most of our students use bicycle as mode of transportation. Staff member also come to college by pool system.

Evidence of the success:

The green campus developed by college not only helping to save the environment, but also added to the beauty of the campus. It also created a sense of environmental friendly attitude in our students. Awareness campaign for the plastic-free campus through made campus plastic free. Use of bicycle and pooled vehicle also adding to the conservation of resources. Use of LED bulbs and energy efficient equipment also cutting the financial burden on the institution.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: while carrying out the practice. Following problems have been encountered.

Green Campus initiatives are challenging, so they require determination and a long-term commitment from all the stakeholders.

Unavailability of alternate source of energy is an obstacle in achieving the goal of green and eco friendly campus.

Regular man power is a must need components in such activities.

Less awareness of students and community towards environmental issues.

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